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Improving the emotional resilience of young children

Think Children is an effective, highly-valued local charity supporting vulnerable children aged 4-11 years old with emerging social, emotional or behavioural issues.

We provide an early intervention service at the onset of the problem with low-key, non-stigmatising one to one support for children who fall below the threshold for statutory intervention and for whom there is often little or no other help available.

Quotes from service users:-

"All pupils..have displayed significant improvements in behaviour, self-esteem, confidence and well-being. Parents, carers and school staff have made positive comments about the impact of the work and were very grateful that the children were able to have the opportunity to access such high quality therapy". 

"Think Children gives my child the chance to talk to an adult in confidence who isn't a friend, relative, or teacher. Perhaps helping her feel more comfortable to discuss things she may not otherwise want to talk about."

Charity Patrons - Patrick Bamford @Patrick_Bamford and Shona McCallin MBE @SMcCallin